Please Stop Talking: 5 Ways To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking

15 December 2016
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Dogs love to bark. It's their way of communicating with the world. Unfortunately, some dogs have more to say than others. If your dog feels the need to communicate all day long – and into the night – it's time to take matters into your own hands. Here are five tricks that will help you teach your dog to speak less and listen more.

Keep it Busy

If your dog barks all day, it might be due to boredom. Try increasing its level of activity. Take it outside to play, or take it for a few walks. Tiring your dog out may help it sleep during the day, which will reduce its need to bark. Now only that, but the extra exercise may also help your dog sleep through the night, which will prevent the nighttime wake-up calls.

Give it a Bone

If your dog barks because it's stressed out, give it something to chew on. Go to the butcher and purchase a full-size bone, or keep a few of your dog's favorite chew toys nearby. You might also want to purchase a Kong and fill it with your pet's favorite treats. Instead of barking all day, your dog will keep busy chewing on its tasty treats.

Leave the Room

If your dog gets so excited that it stands at your feet and barks for no apparent reason, take away its audience. As soon as your dog starts barking, turn your back on it and walk out of the room. Be sure to praise your dog as soon as it stops barking. This will help it learn the appropriate behavior.

Startle It

If your dog simply won't stop barking, try startling it into submission. As soon as your dog starts barking, make sure there isn't something wrong. If there isn't, ring a bell, blow a whistle or give a short blast with an air horn. Your dog will see realize that its barking is greeted with a more annoying sound. Give your dog a small treat when it acknowledges the sound and stops barking.

Try a Spritz

If your dog doesn't seem phased by any of the other tips provided here, it's time to bring on the water. Fill a spray bottle with water and leave it in a central location. When your dog starts barking, spritz it once or twice with the water. Once your dog learns that barking means a splash of water, the behavior should cease.

If your dog's barking has gotten out of hand, use the tips provided here to teach it a new behavior. Contact a company like DePaul k9 Academy to learn more tips.