Protective Gear You Need When Walking Your Small Dog

27 January 2017
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When you own a small dog, you want to make sure they are protected against aggressive dogs at all times. Surprisingly, it may be other small dogs, such as the Jack Russell Terrier, the dog most likely to bite humans, that can be the largest threat to your dog while out for a walk. Dogs attack other dogs for a variety of reasons, including territorial, and your small dog can be killed or severely maimed by another dog if you don't have a defense to frighten them away. To best protect your dog (and you) while you are out on a walk, here are some protective tools you can use to keep you both safe.

Pepper spray 

Pepper spray is a chemical in small container that makes the aggressor's eyes tear up and nasal cavities irritated when sprayed in their faces. Pepper spray can be used on human and animal aggressors and when applied, can render them helpless for several seconds so you and your canine can rush to safety. Keep pepper spray on a key ring you can slip in your pocket for quick access. Before using pepper spray in real life, practice applying it at home so you know where the triggers and release points are, which can reduce the chances of you accidentally spraying yourself out of panic (yes, it happens). A company like Sound Defense can provide more information.


An airhorn emits a loud, obnoxious sound that can stop a rushing dog in its tracks while alerting other people of your impending attack so they can assist you. You can also use a high-pitched whistle worn around your neck to distract and deter curious dogs who may be thinking of advancing on you and your small pooch. Before you blast any kind of noise to get rid of a dog and avoid a potential fight, make sure to scoop your small pooch into your arms so they don't get frightened or try to bolt as well.

Harness leash

You want to be able to quickly control and detain your own dog in the event of other dogs coming around. A retractable leash may be popular, but it can also allow your dog too much room to roam and you less control over them, leaving them open to attack. A harness with a leash attached is your best bet, and always keep your pet at arms' length while walking them. This gives you quick access to pull them close to you and in your arms when another dog gets too close for comfort.