3 Signs You Should Start Agility Training With Your Dog

19 March 2018
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If you are a dog lover, you might have seen agility competitions before, where dogs jump through hoops and run through obstacles. Even though you might have thought that it looked like a lot of fun, you may have never thought about training your own dog in agility. However, for many dog owners and dogs, this can be a great sport to get involved in. These are a few signs that it might be a good idea to train your dog in agility.

1. Your Dog Could Use Some Extra Exercise

It is important for dogs to get plenty of exercise. For one thing, if you aren't careful, you may have to worry about weight management issues with your dog if it isn't getting enough exercise. Plus, some dogs get really bored and destructive if they don't get enough exercise, which means that your dog could be hyper and destructive in your home or apartment. If you train your dog in agility, however, you can ensure that it gets a great workout. This can help your dog stay healthy, fit, and trim, and it can help you cut down on destructive behaviors as well, since you might find that your dog is just ready to lay down and relax after you return home from a challenging day on the agility course.

2. You Would Like to Get in Some Exercise

When you think about agility training, you might think about it being exercise for your dog, not for you. However, if you train your dog in agility and run the course with it, this can be a good workout for you as well. This can be a good way to shake things up from your normal workouts and get excited about exercising again, since it can be a whole lot more fun than hitting the treadmill.

3. You're Looking for Something Fun to Do with Your Dog

If you love spending time with your dog, you might always be looking for fun activities. Once you get involved in agility, you might find that it's actually a ton of fun both for you and for your dog.

As you can see, there are various situations in which it can be a good idea to train your dog in agility. There are many dog training programs to choose from or you can train your dog yourself. You might find that it is beneficial for both you and your dog.